This must be the place

This used to be a venue for me to be extremely honest, and... reading back on some of my posts, I miss how much I used to love journaling. I don't write things out anymore, and it's therapeutic to organize one's thoughts.



Changed air filter
Changed oil filter
Changed oil - trying 5w-30 instead of 10w-30
Changed spark plugs - all four, gapped and firing
Trying Restore (R) oil additive
Trying STP (R) fuel injector cleaner
(Huge improvement in mileage, performance, and acceleration already)

Moving to Tuscaloosa. (Sorry Magic City. It's not you, it's me.)
Have an appointment with Tallaburger (McDonalds' franchisee) Monday.


I look forward to the day when all I have to worry about is whether I should get the red car or the black.

That's going to be very nice.

More later.

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Sorry for disappearing so completely. I've had a lot of shit going on. Some of it pretty wonderful, some not so much. But c'est la vie, or however you spell it.

I sure as hell miss my t-town friends, though. Everybody needs to move to Birmingham. Come on, you can stay at my place! No? Poo.

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looked up dental procedures on Almost ready to go to the dentist. I need to ask Dorothea when my insurance kicks in.

I'm gonna go brush my teeth.
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Bloody hell

I didn't want to like you, and I avoided you because I was afraid to like you.

While this can be applied to a hell of a lot of things in my life, I'm talking about MySpace, of course.

So yeah, I've gone and done it.

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Ah, to truly work again... I don't mean just moving, but feeling actively useful. Leaving work knowing that I did good that day. It feels fantastic.

I have a lot of different observations and thoughts about it ('it' being work, as well as McDonalds vs Hardee's) but to assemble them into something even slightly coherent is going to take more mental energy than I'm capable of right now. I'm fully capable of spending hours on it when I'm exhausted, but I need to get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

My feet definitely hurt, though. One of my first purchases will have to be a good pair of shoes. They have to be slip-resistant and black, and I'm thinking orthopedic wouldn't be amiss.

Kung fu study hall felt weird last night. I was sleep-deprived and exhausted from work, so that's more than likely the reason. I did have fun, though, and I did learn something: Barefoot kung fu is cool only when the situation allows for it.

Last week, I stepped onto a bitty piece of glass. I didn't consider it that big a deal, since I washed it fairly soon afterward, and it closed up fast. Granted, I do have a crazy tolerance for pain that's probably come from kung fu ..and hurting myself alot at Hardee's.

Last night, there was no glass to be concerned with (thank you Luke, for sweeping), but someone did stomp on my toe accidentally. The immediate pain was pretty bad, but it got better. I was worried that it would worsen when I got to work (on my feet for ten hours), but sleep seemed to have healed it.

At least until someone stepped on it again. That woke its ass up.

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Grah. First day of "training," and my brain is mush. "E-training," while cool, is a bit much after 7 hours.

Harriet, the "training coordinator" or somesuch, came in and started on the training schedule. She asked if I had any days that I needed off.
"I have something this Saturday."
"Nuh uh, no Saturdays off. I can get a lot of training in on a good Saturday."
"Can I train on the breakfast shift? It doesn't start until early evening."
"A party? Yeah alright." She writes in 5-3 and says, "but I do need you here at 4am the next day."
I pause. "Now that's just mean."
She started laughing. "Shake machine class. I'd already scheduled it."
"Alright then."

I was also treated to a song that the drive-thru cashier had made up. About McDonald's. It was pretty fucking awesome, actually. Dude had a great voice. "I'm lovin' it" was not in it, surprisingly enough.

As we were going over the finished schedule, I see "Marie B*****." Marie was my district manager at Hardees, and we'd been allies. I talked to her a few times since, but lost touch (as these things go). And now she's training with McDonald's, and apparently divorced.

It'll be good to see her again.

Sleepy time.